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Start Workbook

RRP $16.45

The START Leadership Workbook is a companion to the book START: Lead Well, Be Well, Do Well. It contains the processes, worksheets, and methods of START's universal leadership approach, adapted specifically for parents of Pre K to College age kids. The processes and methods work together to create an affirmative family culture that actively develops essential leadership skills in your kids--the skills they need to thrive in a highly competitive world.

Inside, you'll find the step by step tools and plans you need to optimize individual and family dynamics to create a culture of leadership and engagement where kids are inspired to develop the attributes and master the skills that are essential to success in a highly competitive, ever-changing world.

"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn't be in my office. They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life."

Mother and Psychiatrist at University of Pennsylvania

"Using START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home - I'm modeling, teaching, and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kids. We're all becoming better leaders."

Father and Manager at Workday

"We have seen the impact START makes on developing essential leadership skills while building social and emotional capacity and connection. By shifting to a leadership mindset and committing to the START approach, you and your kids will reap the benefits now, and in the future."

Bill Brady, Leadership Director, The Haverford School (PA)

Once Upon A Time In Kindergarten - Volume Ii

RRP $13.99

What do you get when you combine a humor writer with a kindergarten class? You get fairy tale gold, that's what. Author Marc Schmatjen visits the Ruhkala Elementary kindergartners once a week over the course of each school year to cook up collaborative fairy tales. The literary recipe is simple: Start with a "Once upon a time," add twenty or so wild and incredible imaginations, throw in a pinch of structure and direction, and marinate for twenty minutes on the color carpet. This ongoing project began almost by accident, but the results have proven magically delicious. Bon appetit!"

The Structure Of Digital Partner Choice 2016

RRP $326.99

This work approaches the modern phenomenon of online dating, examining the ways people make use of its technical and social potential. In particular, the users' mate preferences, choices, strategies, and interactions are analyzed using the innovative method of click-stream observations and web-questionnaire data. For the purpose of these analyses, two major theories are used - an explicit theory of individual mate choice, and the more general relational theory developed by Pierre Bourdieu, which helps to highlight the social structures both underlying and resulting from mating online. Results show that online dating is not a partner marker free from social structure, but that the traditional social conditions found offline are also reproduced in this virtual setting. In contrast to the picture drawn by media discourse and advertising, online dating represents a partner market which fulfills the promise of happiness in a socially differential way.


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