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The Art Of Forgiveness

RRP $16.99

The Art of Forgiveness serves two purposes. One is to help you make a daily practice of finding forgiveness wherever you may go or in whatever you may be doing. The other is to unwind by expressing your creativity through coloring. Not a day goes by that as we interact with others that we don't find an opportunity to display forgiveness. As humans we are subject to stepping on others feelings and toes from time to time and without realizing it. In your daily journal take the time to go through your day and reflect on what others may have inadvertently offended you and vice versa and then write their names down and next to it 'All is forgiven'. Then say it out loud until you truly have forgiven them. Remember the only person who suffers when wronged is the one holding on to un-forgiveness...learn to release it and claim your freedom! Can you look back to your childhood and remember how you wiled the hour's away coloring; it was and still is very cathartic. There are 63 journal pages, one for each day for two months. A full page to write whatever you are releasing; the opposite page is for you to color your forgiveness Mandala's into reality while relaxing the time away. Enjoy this very special time with The Art of Forgiveness coloring journal!

Blocky Boys, Broken Hearts

RRP $13.99

The big dance on Valentine's Day is only a week away, and Sophie still has no clue what robe color she will be wearing afterwards. Meanwhile, her best friend Mia is now a zombie. When the blockiest boy in Creeper Cove rescues Sophie from an undead attack, she resolves to become a priest and wear purple robes like her father. But all of her plans change when a new Player arrives in town. Alex appears to have it all: dreamy blue eyes, straight lines, and a fantastic zombie-curing machine. But when this seemingly perfect square invites Sophie to the robe dance, will she accept his invitation? None of the content herein is approved, endorsed, associated, or connected with Mojang / Notch. Minecraft is the property of Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch.

Particle Acceleration And Kinematics In Solar Flares

RRP $338.99

Over the last decade we entered a new exploration phase of solar flare physics, equipped with powerful spacecraft such as Yohkoh, SoHO, and TRACE that pro- vide us detail-rich and high-resolution images of solar flares in soft X-rays, hard X -rays, and extreme-ultraviolet wavelengths. Moreover, the large-area and high- sensitivity detectors on the Compton GRO spacecraft recorded an unprecedented number of high-energy photons from solar flares that surpasses all detected high- energy sources taken together from the rest of the universe, for which CGRO was mainly designed to explore. However, morphological descriptions of these beau- tiful pictures and statistical catalogs of these huge archives of solar data would not convey us much understanding of the underlying physics, if we would not set out to quantify physical parameters from these data and would not subject these measurements to theoretical models. Historically, there has always been an unsatisfactory gap between traditional astronomy that dutifully describes the mor- phology of observations, and the newer approach of astrophysics, which starts with physical concepts from first principles and analyzes astronomical data with the goal to confirm or disprove theoretical models. In this review we attempt to bridge this yawning gap and aim to present the recent developments in solar flare high-energy physics from a physical point of view, structuring the observations and analysis results according to physical processes, such as particle acceleration, propagation, energy loss, kinematics, and radiation signatures.


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