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Study An Artist's Work Journal

RRP $18.65

There are notebooks lying around the studio and a file cabinet stuffed with news, research and ideas. This can be a nightmare organising all that clutter. It is difficult to find that piece you were wanting for your work. Do not loose this information by tossing in the bin to modify. Use a new organisation tool for quick reference to whatever research you have done.

Study an Artist's Work Journal is that organisational tool. In here you can gather information about a particular artist's styles and elements in one spot. There is also a page for attaching articles, sketches and photos for inspiration.

Why do we keep all this information? For several reasons:

  • Art history teaches visual literacy. This means the ability to understand the images we are given on a daily basis and what is being said through them. As artists this also gives us the ability to relay what we mean through images in our artwork. Symbolism within paintings has been used for centuries to render emotion and stories to a viewer.

  • Knowing how the masters of the art world used a space, to give the viewer the perception of space through plans, colour, cross section, etc. It gives us a better understanding of our own methodology to better understanding of our own work.

  • Inspiration! There are times I walk into a museum, see a drawing in a book, or online and my soul dances to it. When my soul dances I feel inspired and want to create pieces that will sing as well.

    There is so much that can be done when you know what the art world is about. It will help in your own work to reflect upon knowledge of masters, current artists, and what opens up your creativity.

    If you are studying more than one type of expression, get a different journal. For example: expressionism, cubism, French artists, English artists.... the possibilities are endless.

I Am An Artist

RRP $17.95

Are you an artist? Do you see the world around you in a special way? "I Am An Artist" shows you how, by simply observing the delights of nature, you can be inspired to create. Can you name the colors inside a seashell? You're an artist!

Multimedia Artist & Animator Career (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to win your dream job and be the first in line for a promotion.


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