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A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

RRP $369.99

Of the essays written specifically for this volume, Tara Prescott's review of Joyce's life helpfully places his largely autobiographical novel in the context of his life and time, powerfully enlarging our understanding of the biographical fields the story covers. Another original essay survey the spectrum of critical evaluations, explanations and appreciations of the book, revealing a kaleidoscope of fruitful approaches to which readers now have access and to which more insights can and will be added. Republished essays explore the ethnic reach of the novel, the interwoven sexual and political dimension, and the role of faith in the novel.

Doodle Artist - Simply Snowflakes

RRP $13.99

The essence of winter in a collection of intricate symmetrical snowflake drawings for you to colour. A wonderful excuse to bring out the glitter gel-pens and create a magical world of multi-coloured crystals.

The images are printed on a single side of the paper to help prevent bleed-through. We recommend putting a sheet of paper or card between pages if using strong inks. The back of each page is marked with a cutting line to aid removal of pictures.

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Draw With Marta Altes: You Are An Artist!

RRP $16.99

If you like drawing, colouring and hundreds of stickers, then this book is for you! Based on the bestselling picture book, I Am An Artist!, this unique new sticker activity book is your chance to get creative and make art with the award-winning Marta Altés. A truly exciting sticker activity book, which shows you that anyone can be an artist - it's easy - and what's more, it's a lot of fun! Packed with colourful, smart and silly ideas, plus hundreds of stickers, all designed to get you making art and making a mess.

The perfect gift for aspiring artists, this book is the very start of a brand new sticker activity book series where you get to draw, write, colour and create with your favourite artists from the world of children's books.

Praise for I Am An Artist: "There's a truly inspirational message in this gloriously anarchic book . . . would give Banksy a run for his money" - Daily Mail "Will have children seeing art in the most unlikely places" - "For all future Turner Prize winners" - Teach Primary

Also available: Draw With Yasmeen Ismail: Let's Go Find a Tiger!


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