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Every day we are exposed to situations that are beyond our control. It doesn't matter whether you're an elderly grandmother or a soldier fighting in Iraq. It doesn't matter whether you're a war veteran, cop, medical examiner or an EMT. At any time, you could be pushed over the edge. If I had known that my job was going to expose me to such horrific things, I could have saved myself. This book goes into graphic detail about my experiences with crime scenes, assaults, death threats, homicides, drugs and sex crimes. I will also tell you about workplace harassment and my recovery. When I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) everything seemed so hopeless. The flashbacks, hypervigilant behavior, sleepless nights and paranoia were all consuming. The scenes described are worse than the scariest movie you will ever see and, quite simply, can cause people to be Overexposed.

Ultrasonic Exposimetry

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Ultrasonic Exposimetry presents the fundamentals of ultrasonics and discusses the theoretical background of acoustic wave generation and reception. Measurements, instrumentation, and interpretation of measured data (including error analysis) are examined in detail.
Ultrasound transducers, including transducers used in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic applications, are described. This section also presents a detailed description of transducers used in the recently introduced extracorporeal lithotripsy procedure.
Other topics examined in the book include current trends in labeling and characterizing acoustic devices (including present regulatory requirements and future implications), the operation of state-of-the-art miniature PVDF ultrasonic hydrophones and fiber optic hydrophones, recent advances in transducer calibration and calorimeter and radiation force measurements, and the intricacies of statistical error analysis.
Ultrasonic Exposimetry presents a wealth of invaluable information for students, instructors, researchers, biomedical engineers, and sonographers.

Print Proceedings Of The Asme Turbo Expo 2015

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Printed collection of full-length, peer-reviewed technical papers. Topics include: Turbomachinery: Radial Turbomachinery Aerodynamics, Design Methods and CFD Modeling for Turbomachinery, Axial Flow Fan and Compressor Aerodynamics.


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