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The Pearl And Jay Gallery

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First of all thank you for visiting !All the drawings you are going to see are in black and white because, to put it in a nutshell, I had difficulties with the printing quality of my pastels on coloured sheets. My fault! Anyway, I named my present book: The Pearl and Jay Gallery because it is sexier than black and white, isn't it ?May I introduce myself ? I am French so I apologise in anticipation for my mistakes.I am Marie Gallicher, I am an amateur artist who decided to draw more seriously in 2005 when I found out there was no French Wikipedia page about Eric Porter, the British classical actor. So I created it after having been seeking for months articles and obituaries in English on Internet and translating them into French. Then, I took a breath and stepped forward to draw when it came to the illustration of the article: why not? (It was crucial because years after I was approached by Helen Monk thanks to my portraits of Eric and we worked together on Eric Porter's biography, my dearest dream.)Once the Wikipedia article was completed I decided to show my drawings on an amateurs artists' website and to my sad surprise, reactions were violents : « What ? Why always this Eric Porter ? » So, after having (morally) slammed the door, I calmed down: I decided, on one hand, to enter the Saatchi Gallery Showdown Contest and on the other hand, to draw other subjects. You know, I am a bit quick-tempered sometimes. I began by pencil (I didn't even mention it under the drawings whereas graphite is indeed quite a noble word) because I believed that black and white was easier to deal with, then I tried charcoal (and dusted my hands !) and after that, I tried pastels. In the beginning, these pastels of mine looked very much like children's drawings with no depth, no contrast. I learned to play with charcoal and white pastel, with coloured pastels and sanguine and tried...hard. Hope I improved my skills a little (You can sleep tight Leonardo!)Though I was not too bad in art at school, I had nothing more than the ordinary training you get there. I am a self-taught artist who loves visiting museums, can dive during hours into a drawing, fighting to catch the look alike (sometimes I lose).When a child, I had fun by drawing with a pen on my mother's writing paper she used to send letters, she didn't appreciate my artistic appeal that much when it occured to me to draw on our flat's paperwall and on some expensive books (no Internet to express oneself at the time). Yes I was born in this incredible world of 1962 when there was no Internet, 2 channels on the TV (a black and white one besides) and no mobile, no micro-wave devices, no Facebook and no Twitter. So you will be understanding about my ability to communicate : I am a real T-Rex. And YES, I wonder too how possible it was to ever survived in such a world !

We Go To The Gallery

RRP $23.99

Have you taken children to a gallery recently? Did you struggle to explain the work to them in plain , simple English? With this new Dung Beetle book, both parents and young children can learn about contemporary art, and understand many of its key themes. Join John and Susan on their exciting journey through the art exhibition, where, with Mummy's help, they will discover the real meaning of all the contemporary art works - from empty rooms, to vagina paintings or giant inflatable dogs.

Wee Gallery Activity Books : Cat's Playgroup

RRP $18.99

Join Cat on her first fun-packed day at playgroup!

Help Cat choose what to wear and help her little brother pick his favourite toy before she joins her friends for a day at playgroup. Play games, make masks, draw farm animals with Cat and her friends before going home for tea.

This stunning new range of books for pre-schoolers marries fresh design with engaging educational content. The result of a partnership between Wee Gallery and QED Publishing, the beautiful illustrations, high contrast black and white bold lines, whimsical animals, and repeating patterns are designed to stimulate visual development in young infants.

Family-run Wee Gallery have over 10 years experience in graphic design and education, and so these books are guaranteed to excite and engage little minds. QED is pleased to announce that this visually stimulating series will be available from April 2016.

About the Author

SURYA PINTO grew up in India, and graduated with a degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology before finding her passion in design. Surya has a wealth of experience in the industry and has worked for the prestigious Ray and Kehsavan Design. It was here where she trained under Sujata Keshavan, the only Indian designer to have been honoured as Graphic Designer of the Year at the Advertising and Marketing (A & M) awards. In 2003 Surya founded Wee Gallery with her husband, Dave Pinto, after their first child was born.


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