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A Technical And Military Imperatives

RRP $239.99

Technical and Military Imperatives: A Radar History of World War II is a coherent account of the history of radar in the second World War. Although many books have been written on the early days of radar and its role in the war, this book is by far the most comprehensive, covering ground, air, and sea operations in all theatres of World War II. The author manages to synthesize a vast amount of material in a highly readable, informative, and enjoyable way. Of special interest is extensive new material about the development and use of radar by Germany, Japan, Russia, and Great British. The story is told without undue technical complexity, so that the book is accessible to specialists and nonspecialists alike.

World War Ii Pacific Island Guide : A Geo-military Study

RRP $335.99

Covering all Pacific islands involved in World War II military operations, this book is a detailed, single source of information on virtually every geo-military aspect of the Pacific Theater. Arranged regionally and, to the extent possible, chronologically according to when islands entered the war, entries provide complete background information. Along with island names, nicknames, Allied code names, location, and wartime time zones, the entries include such topics as the island's physical characteristics, weather, health hazards, historical background, native population, natural resources, and military value. Japanese and Allied strategies and operations, military problems caused by terrain, military installations, Japanese units and key commanders, Allied units and key commanders, and brief battle descriptions are also covered along with the island's postwar status. A valuable resource for researchers, historians, military history enthusiasts, and war gamers, the book provides complete background information on the geo-military aspects of the Pacific Ocean region, its islands, and the roles they played in the war. 108 maps provide specific information. Until now, geo-military information could only be found by searching four to ten publications on each island.

Understanding Complex Military Operations

RRP $359.99

This volume provides materials for active learning about peacebuilding and conflict management in the context of complex stability operations, using a comparative case study methodology.

Complex operations are collaborative and coordinated military and civilian agency activities executed to restore stability to fragile states, and to aid the transition to democratic governance operating under the rule of law. All actors engaged in complex stability operations need to understand the requirements for effective civil-military and interagency coordination from different perspectives (military, civilian, diplomacy, development, allied, local). Effective conflict prevention and transformation requires greater coherence between security, governance and development policies along with enhanced coordination among governmental agencies and with local, regional and international partners (as in 'smart power' - pursuing the right tools for each operational context). Conflict management strategies and whole-of-government approaches are closely connected. In fragile states and post-conflict societies, security, governance and development are challenges that need to be addressed simultaneously and in coordinated fashion.

As a consequence of the multitude of threats, actors and tasks in such operations, decisions will cut across a wide range of social, political and cultural domestic and global issues and demand cognitive flexibility, adaptability and the ability to make decisions 'on the fly'. The need for strategic and operational decision-making at every turn requires that the actors - military and civilian alike - acquire the mental agility, interpersonal maturity and cross-cultural savvy. These competencies need to be ingrained into the readily available skill sets for military and civilian leaders so they become second-nature to their decision-making. The case studies in this volume integrate research -- theoretical and empirical-- that effectively identifies patterns of conflict, characteristics of complex operations and conditions for their effective conduct. It thereby provides educational materials for introducing and actively engaging students and practitioners in the intricacies of contemporary national security decision-making.

This volume will be of much interest to students of conflict prevention, transitional justice, peacebuilding, security studies and professionals conducting field-based operations in potentially hazardous environments.


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