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Women In The United States Military

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Women's participation in the U.S. Armed Forces has grown over time in response to the national need for their services. Throughout each era of American history, patriotic women volunteered to serve their country in a wide variety of official and unofficially sanctioned capacities. When there was a call to duty, the United States Armed Forces always relied upon women to be a part of the effort. Women in the United States Military: An Annotated Bibliography is the most complete and up to date listing of resources to help students and scholars understand the effect women have had on the wars that have shaped the United States. Covering everything from the American Revolution to Operations in Iraq, Women in the United States Military is essential for all academic and research libraries.

Military Intelligence, 1870-1991

RRP $280.99

This research guide is an introduction to military intelligence, a neglected aspect of warfare that provides commanders and national leaders with essential information for decision making. The introduction provides the general reader with an explanation of the terminology, procedures, and institutional problems of military intelligence, while outlining the history of this field and identifying areas for further research. The core of the guide is an extensively annotated bibliography of unclassified English language materials on military intelligence, the evolution of intelligence operations, the role of intelligence in air, ground, and naval operations, and specialized fields of espionage, counter intelligence, technical intelligence, and aerial photography. This guide is intended to fill a void in the literature for soldiers, historians, and general readers.

The First Rebel; Being A Lost Chapter Of Our History And A True Narrative Of America's First Uprising Against English Military Authority And An Accoun

RRP $16.99

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1834 edition. Excerpt: ...Grant had seen to that. At the last minute Grant had tried to make his next dispatch to his colonel sound a little better than it had been promising to sound. He gave up his prisoners, but he kept their guns. In doing so, he only did his duty--or else he played a dirty trick. There, again, it depended on the point of view; but the point of view did not change the consequences. To James Smith, the confiscation of those weapons was a breach of faith, an outrage as unjust as the arrests had been. To the valley men, it was plain thievery; their rifles were their meat and clothes; more than once their rifles had been their very lives. When they discovered what had happened, they stood around outside the fort and roared and damned. British muskets didn't save the valley, two years back; the long rifles saved it. We'd be dead and scalped if we'd sat waiting for them bastard soldiers. Now they're working for the traders; now they're sending powder to the redsticks; and they take our rifles! Looks like they want to make dead sure the Indians finish us the next time. Indians, hell! They fired on us themselves, didn't they, up in Great Cove Gap? Godamighty, they're as bad as Shawnees! Grant, God damn you, give us back those rifles! But the shouts were futile; the log gate stayed shut. James Smith wrote a furious demand, but that, too, was futile. Grant's reply was brusque: no rioters will get guns from me; they'll get what rebels get. He had the last word. James Smith called off his men, and they cursed the Black Watch all the way to Cunningham's. But there was something besides anger and frustration in their cursing; there was apprehension. What would Grant do now? Trudging those five miles through the mud, in the raw March drizzle, they began to...


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