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Pictures And Tears : A History Of People Who Have Cried In Front Of Paintings

RRP $272.99

"Pictures and Tears" is a strange and wonderful investigation into paintings and the emotions they evoke.
In past centuries, viewers were often moved by paintings. Fourth-century Greek painting depicted people in states of extreme grief, so that the viewer might respond in kind. Crying in front of paintings was commonplace in the Middle Ages. There were more tears in the eighteenth century, and then again in the age of Romanticism. Why have the last hundred years been so dry by comparison?
James Elkins writes about his encounter with Bellini's "Ecstasy of St. Francis" in the Frick Collection, the effect of the Rothko Chapel on visitors, our responses to Caravaggio, Greuze, Friedrich, Bouts, David, Ingres, Regnault, a Kamakura period landscape, and Van Gogh. Hundreds of correspondents shared with him their experiences of crying in front of paintings, fleshing out what becomes a history of emotion and vulnerability, and an inquiry into the nature of art.
This is a book for people who have wondered at the power of painting and been moved by it, perhaps even to tears. Also includes an 8-page color insert.

A Book Of Fairies: An Anthology Of Paintings & Poetry

RRP $16.99

This title features beautiful works of art specially selected to accompany delightful pieces of verse and prose. It includes classic poetry by Chaucer, Shakespeare, Spencer, Tennyson, and Milton, amongst others, as well as anonymous rhymes, folk songs and fairy lore passed down through the centuries. The chapters include Famous Fairies; Fairy Tricks and Good Turns; Fairy Possessions, Feasts and Sports; Fairy Homes; and Fairy Lovers. It is a book that celebrates these elusive creatures, with poetry and tales of their exploits, and evocative pictures which capture their entrancing, fragile charm. It is a beautiful gift anthology to keep or give away. In folklore and tales fairies come in many forms: ethereal queens, beautiful enchantresses; house fairies and woodland sprites, the tiny spirits of flowers and trees; mischievous pixies; elves and nymphs. In whatever form they appear to those who believe in them, fairies are always mysterious, magical and secretive. They live in a curious half-world, which exists in the mists just beyond human perception but is always rooted in nature. In art and literature fairies often appear to the innocent or the lost, to children or questing knights, and they can be found at twilight in woodland glades, inside fairy rings, or on deserted moonlit beaches. This book brings together classic works of art, and much-loved and quoted poetry and prose, to celebrate these elusive creatures and create a celebration of the land of faerie and its inhabitants.

A Corpus Of Rembrandt Paintings

RRP $4.00

This series isolates authentic works from the great volume of Rembrandt-like paintings produced by his pupils and followers. The fifth volume covers his small-scale history and genre works, revealing fresh understanding of the painter's artistic evolution.


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